A Flag for Mr. & Mrs. Paris

Had to wait to post this as I wanted it to be a surprise for my sisters wedding. A 6' by 3 1/2' flag, featuring their last name, the Eiffel Tower, and a silhouette of two lovers on a bench with a little red heart for a color punch. It looked great flying over the Colins' on lake Omena.


First, mad props to my loving wife who graciously sowed a rather tricky seam on slippery fabric to make the blank flag. We were concerned about the material being to thin on its own so we doubled it and stitched the edges. In order to paint the flag I had to figure out a way to stretch the material and create as smooth of a surface as possible. I wound up cutting a large piece of MDF to demensions slightly larger then the flag. Then I covered the surface with gesso to seal the MDF and prevent any bubbling from moisture. 



of course every good composition is first drawn out on paper.  

I then stretched the canvas with an exorbitant amount of clamps. However, the more clamps, the tighter the canvas could be stretched with out risking tearing the fabric. 


I then laid out the composition with charcoal.  


After much internal debate about which brush I wanted to use to create the lettering I began painting!  


I started with the letters, working with a heavily laden brush and long sweeping strokes. The result was a flowing font with line character and texture straight from the brush. This technique has always been difficult for me because it requires a certain amount of release from the artist. You have to just let the lines from as they do and you can't go tinkering with it to much without losing It's character. The end result is line work that is unique and can never be replicated. 


After the lettering I painted the silhouette and the Eiffel Tower before adding the heart in red. After a few grommets it was ready to hang above the wedding reception of Joe and Beth Paris. Congratulations you two ;)