Designing my next suit of armor.

Sketches the ground work of any design. 

Sketches the ground work of any design. 

It's about time I change my armor. The suit I originally made is beginning to show the wear and tare of six summers of combat. So it's back to the drawing board. For my new suit I'm keeping the coat of plate but advancing the technology a few decades. My new armor will have fewer and larger plates but will still rely on leather to provide support to the structure. 

patterns for the new cuirass.  

patterns for the new cuirass.  

Just like my last coat of plate, I intend to leave the plates exposed to show in inner workings of the armor. The armor will be nearly semetrucal so I only need to pattern one half and then flip the pattern for the other side.  

The only problem I haven't figured out is if I want to use an early style sallet or a late style of basineit. this specific coat of plates spans a time period were either helm would be appropriate. Desicions desicions....

Fire Ferrets

A pair of stencil designs loosely based on the Legend of Kora's fire ferret, Pabu! 


the first focused on a more straight forward representation. It was a little tricky since Pabu has three main colors and the stencile design only aloud two.


Pabu el fuego! 

I always enjoy the challenge of stencil design. Creating recognizable images in only two colors, with only one of the colors aloud to form descrete shapes and the trick of creating form through line weight and angles, rather then shading.