to Sep 24

Grand Valley State University Renaissance Festival


Come join us at this FREE festival hosted by the students of Grand Valley State University. Located right in the heart of campus, just in front of the clock tower, come see a variety of acts and venders. This will be the last full group  event for Her Majesty's Royal Guard until next spring. Close out the fighting season with us rain or shine. Its our last show of the year so someones probably gonna die!

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Blackrock Medieval Festival
to Aug 6

Blackrock Medieval Festival

Join us for Blackrock Medieval Festival! come see Sir Orien (played by Matthew Brennan) and the rest of Her Majesty's Royal Guard at Blackrock. We will be performing in a competition of arms for fully armored knights upon foot. Come see guys is full suits of armor really hit each other with real weapons! Her Majesty's Royal Guard, were the hits are real and so is the blood (if there is any, which we hope there won't be. ;)

Blackrock Medieval Festival is open every weekend from July 8 through August 5, rain or shine. Get your tickets now at More information at

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