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Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in southwest Michigan. His unique style blends the hard edged line art style, vibrant expressions of classic comics, and an old master's approach to anatomy, composition, and light. Matt's graphic design has been used by local businesses and non-profits. His Illustrations have been featured in several juried exhibits and as part of Kalamazoo's Art Hop. 

After leaving Michigan Technological University, and the pursuit of a degree in physics, Matthew attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College, where in 2013 he earned his AAS with a focus on illustration. Since then he has continued to Illustrate part time while continuing to develop his technique and style. In the future Matt intends to build his own studio and make the transition into Illustrating and designing full time.

Outside of work and taking care of his two sons, Matt finds time to volunteer with Her Majesty's Royal Guard (HMRG). HMRG is a not for profit that performs live steel, fully armored, and full contact medieval combat to audiences across southwestern Michigan. As vice president and a Knight of HMRG; Matt performs in demonstrations of martial combat, gives educational speeches on weapons and armor, constructs and maintains suits of medieval armor, serves as a mentor to his squire, Nick Miesch, and insures the group runs smoothly helping other officers and settling any internal disputes. Matt is also a avid outdoorsmen and enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, camping, bush crafting and kayaking. For those days when Matt is stuck indoors, Matt loves video games television and movies. In addition to practicing traditional mediums including acrylic, graphite, charcoal, and water colors; Matt also works in ceramics, leather and white smithing. These last three make sure that while Matt make things beautiful, he doesn't forget to make them functional. 


Resume of Matthew Brennan


Seeking work that will utilize my talents to create incredible products.  


Associates in Applied Science (AAS), Art and New Media, with a concentration in Illustration.

From Kalamazoo Valley Community College. 

Graduated April 28, 2013.

Skills: Digital

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, AutoDesk Sketchbook

Skills: Traditional

Graphite, Acrylic paint, Pen and ink, Charcoal, Water color

Skills: Other

Experience operating Forklifts, Cashier, LTL, Microsoft Office Suite

Prior Work Experience: 

American Axle Manufacturing (AAM), Three Rivers MI. Hired as Materials Operator from April 4, 2016 till August 24 2017. For reference call (269) 278-0211. 

Freelance Illustration, Her Majesty’s Royal Guard. February 3, 2015. For reference contact Matthew Kruchowski (612) 382-1864 

Freelance Illustration, Sturgis Bank & Trust Co. March 18, 2014 - May 13, 2014. For reference contact Kurt Inman or Rob Beachy (269) 651-9345 

Vector Marketing, Elkhart IN. Hired as sales rep from October till December 2011. For reference please call Nicole Shudder, District Manager in Elkhart IN, at 574-262-5288. 

Tuesday Morning, Portage MI 49002. Hired as sales associate and cashier, from November 2010 till March 2011. For reference, contact Jackie Sellers, store Manager at 269-329-1244. 

Abbott Labs, Sturgis MI 49091. Hired through Manpower as a forklift operator, from April 2010 till August 2010. For reference, contact Ron Hurst, third shift LTL, crew leader at 269-651-0751. Contact Manpower at 269-651-9336, to inquire about this and other short term jobs I have completed for them.


Current Vice President of Her Majesty's Royal Guard, and Mentor, in Her Majesty's Royal Guard Squireship program.


My work has been featured in three juried shows, for Kalamazoo’s Art Hop. My work has also been featured in three other KVCC Art Hop exhibits.